Juma Iraki

I have a great passion for exercise and nutrition. My unquenchable thirst for new knowledge and the desire to always improve makes me read research on a regular basis, so I can offer my athletes the most updated and evidence based information.

My main interests are optimizing exercise and nutrition for those who want to perform better or change their body composition.

  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, IOC, 2015-2016
  • Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences, AMH, 2009-2012
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NIH, 2010-2012

  • Nutritionist-Norwegian Judo Federation, 2016-
  • Personal Trainer-One Performance, 2016-
  • Head of Nutrition-AFPT, 2013-
  • Lecturer in Sports Nutrition-AFPT, 2013-
  • Consultant-Proteinfabrikken, 2013-
  • CEO-Iraki Nutrition, 2012-





Looking for a coach that can help you reach your goals?

Iraki Nutrition can optimize your training and nutrition to help you perform better or improve your body composition

I offer my coaching services both online and at One Performance in Lillestrøm, Norway.

When you work with me, you will get:


Looking for a speaker for your organisation?

Iraki Nutrition offers solid presentations on several topics related to exercise and nutrition. Some of the topics I can present on are:


Looking for a consultant that can assist your company?

For companies looking for a professional that can help to improve their products, I can offer the following services:

"Juma Iraki is a rare breed. While some put scientific evidence on a pedestal, without the experience of working with real people to understand how to apply it, and others who work well with real people, but use outdated methods, Juma has the best skillsets of both worlds but the shortcomings of neither. Well versed in the most up to date science, and also an experienced in-the-trenches trainer, Juma consistently helps his clients achieve their goals in an effective and personalized way. Most importantly, he is forever learning and will only get better as time goes on"
"Juma (I call him "The Jumer") is my colleague and also my friend, so I will try to suppress my bias of thinking he's just an awesome dude. Juma is a true student of science, and as such, he is a perpetual learner. As a researcher, he keeps his mind open and examines all sides when investigating topics. As a teacher, he conveys concepts and processes in a way that the target audience can comprehend. He never makes things more complicated than they need to be -- that's a rare skill. Oh yeah, did I mention that he's an awesome dude?"
"Juma is a man I've got great respect for after working with him at AFPT. There are few people I can say has a broad expertise in the field as Juma has, which is proven by that he does not get stuck in certain philosophies or dogmatic approaches, but has the ability to see both empirical research through a filter built on knowledge and critical thinking. Juma is not just a theorist, he translates knowledge into academic articles with solid practical guidelines and creates results in everyone he works with - whether it is better health, become stronger and more functional, or simply look better naked. He is one of the few I feel comfortable referring clients and difficult cases to and by selecting Juma as your coach you have made a very good choice."
"From 2013 Juma has been Head of Nutrition and a lecture at the Academy For Personal Training (AFPT). He has been selected to this role because of his professionalism, his interest to always keep up to date, but most of all because of his personality. He is genuinely interested to make education and knowledge available to larger groups of people and he always gives more than is expected of him. I highly recommend him, both as an employer and colleague."
"Juma has a professional and evidence based approach to his profession, but still manages to explain to our customers and employees in a way that makes things understandable. He is very efficient and delivers high quality services. I highly recommend him, but do not give him too much work, we still need him!"
"Juma Iraki has great knowledge about exercise and nutrition. I have benefited a lot from his knowledge and received great help to achieve my goal. I highly recommend Juma as a coach."
"I had the pleasure of working with Juma during my preparation for the European Championships in powerlifting in 2015. Juma was responsible for my diet and I was very pleased with the system that was customised to my needs and my preferences. The competition went really well and I ended up with a silver and bronze medal and set 3 new Norwegian records. I can highly recommend Juma as a coach."
"I worked with Juma Iraki during the run up to the 2015 Arnold Amateur Strong Woman World Championships, a collaboration I have benefited greatly from. Juma has customised my nutrition so it suited me and my heavy training and after ten weeks, the results have been a stable bodyweight with decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. I am very pleased and look forward to continue working with him."
"Juma is very thorough with his work. When I hired him as my coach, he dug deep to find the best set up for me and followed up with adjustments based on my feedback. I learned a lot and got everything explained on my level. If you need dietary guidance for better performance, a better lifestyle or pre contest, I highly recommend Juma as a coach."
"As a mother of two, working fulltime and with a very active lifestyle it was very important for me that training and nutrition was customised to my everyday life. Juma was of great help and made it possible for me to compete and still live a normal life with my family. Jumas strongest side as a coach is that he sees the whole picture. Everything from lifestyle, medications, relationships, work, exercise, sleep and supplements. This is very important for me as a competitor and I would highly recommend him as a coach."
"Nutrition has always been difficult for me and I needed help to get more energy and perform better. That is why I contacted Juma after several people recommended him. I can say that after working with him for several months that I am very happy that I contacted him. My performance and energy levels has improved significantly. Juma is a very professional and a serious guy who knows his trade. I can honestly recommend him to anyone who want to improve their performance. "
"Juma offers excellent service and provides good advice on nutrition. He follows up results and progression, making changes when necessary or beneficial and helps with meal planning. It's not only good for those who exercise a lot, but also for those who need guidance on how to put together a healthy meal plan that is easy to follow."
"I partnered with Juma having struggled with abdominal discomfort for a long time. After he first sent me to the doctor to rule out serious conditions and allergies, he set up a diet with low FODMAP foods. This seemed to work for me with less frequent symptoms and I got more energy. Juma is an extremely professional guy that puts you the customer in focus. He does a thorough job and provides recommendations and diet plans based on knowledge. I always get answers to the questions I have and he always answers in a quick manner. I have also sent my own clients to Juma and we have collaborated several times with great success. In addition to being highly skilled, he is also a nice guy."
"Juma is one of the best I've encountered to explain difficult things in a simple way. A great deal of expertise and a sense of being taken care of is my keywords when I think of Iraki Nutrition. I have grown as a personal trainer after I was coached by Juma and he has become some sort of mentor for me. Juma is extremely professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him."


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