Broderick began training in earnest Christmas Day 1981 (10 years old), and was %100 committed to the lifelong pursuit of human performance from that moment forward! Every action and decision (good and bad) in his life has been made with that predication first.  Over the last 30 years, He has competed on the national level as a Bodybuilder and Strongman and on the national and international level as a powerlifter.  He completed a Bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Arizona in 1994 and have spent 1000’s of hours involved in sports lab studies and research projects relating to human performance and athletic sciences! On a coaching / consulting level he have assisted 100’s of athletes from the recreational to Olympic medalists. TeamEvilGSP has helped to produce more than a few IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and world-class powerlifters. 

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Broderick also recently did a seminar in Australia and the material is available in the lin below.

In this two parts series on hormones, Broderick and I discussed the following:

(03:45): What are the functions of testosterone and estrogen relevant to strength and muscle growth? 

(19:05): Do normal fluctuations in hormone levels have any effect on muscle growth? 

(25:45): When doing blood work, what markers should you look at in regard to hormones?

(41:30): Is estrogen negative for males?