Dr. Carl Juneau is an exercise scientist with a PhD in physical activity epidemiology. He’s been a coach and a lifter for 16 years. He’s also the founder of Dr. Muscle. Dr. Muscle is a new phone app that helps you build muscle faster using AI. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket that’s 10 times cheaper than a human trainer, available 24/7, and always up to date. To try it out, learn more or get your first month free, use this special link: https://drmuscleapp.com/juma.
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In this podcast, Carl and I discussed periodisation for muscle growth. Some of the things we discuss are:

(06:25)  What is periodization?

(07:50) Is there a difference between periodisation for muscle growth compared to strength?

(15:20) What are the fundamentals for setting up a successful periodisation for muscle growth and how should you progress based on if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced?

(48:25) What is the take home message?