Eric Helms, PhD is a research fellow for Strength and Conditioning and Sports Nutrition at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand at the Auckland University of Technology, and is also a science communicator and coach for drug free strength and physique athletes with 3D Muscle Journey. A strength and physique athlete himself, his goal is to empower the drug free lifting community with long term perspective and evidence based information.

In this podcast, Eric and discuss Training volume and intensity. Some of the things we discuss are:

(03:10) What do we mean when we say volume and intensity?

(07:10) Is there a minimum of volume that is required to see sufficient muscle hypertrophy?

(17:47): How should you adjust the volume as you get more advanced?

(21:15): What do you think about the concept of MRV?

(30:10): Should deloads be planned or performed only when needed?

(35:30): Is there an optimal rep-range for muscle hypertrophy?

(44:45): Should you go to failure on your sets or not?

(51:20): What are your recommendations for adjusting volume and rep-range during caloric restriction?

(53:55): A recent study by Schoenfeld et al 2018 looked at the dose response of volume on muscle hypertrophy. What are your thoughts on the findings?

(1:02:40): What is the take home message?