Dr.Layne Norton completed his PhD in nutritional sciences under Professor Donald Layman at the University of Illnois. As a competitor Layne was a pro bodybuilder who has more recently achieved large success in powerlifting, winning USAPL nationals in 2015 before going onto win a Silver medal at 2015 Worlds in the 93kg class, breaking a squat world record at the time. Layne puts out content and provides coaching via his site BioLayne

Website: https://www.biolayne.com
Ebooks: https://biolaynestore.com/collections…
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/biolayne
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/laynenorton
Instagram: @biolayne
Twitter: @biolayne

In this podcast, Layne and I discuss why diets fail. Some of the things we discuss are:

(12:39): Do we have a weight loss problem?

(22:27): What is the self-defence system?

(35:51): Fat cells theory and obesity improvements.

(44:01): What is the 5% of successful dieters doing to keep the weight off?

(56:40): What should you do after a successful diet in the transition phase and going forward?

(1:05:49): What is the takehome message?