Peter Fitschen has a PhD in Nutritional Science from the University of Illinois. He has a BS in Biochemistry, MS in Biology with a Physiology Concentration, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has been competing in natural bodybuilding since 2004 and won his natural pro card in 2012. Peter works as a contest prep coach through his company Fitbody and Physique LLC.


In this episode, Peter and I discuss off-season bodybuilding. Some of the things we discuss are:

(04:30): What are some of the biggest mistake you see bodybuilders do in the off-season?

(15:10): What are your recommendations when transitioning from a pre-contest diet to an off-season diet?

(24:20): What are your general recommendations for determining the caloric surplus and the macronutrient distribution for bodybuilders in the off-season?

(41:00): As a natural bodybuilder when reaching super low body fat levels, it can wreak havoc on your health, especially your hormonal profile. What should you pay extra attention to when transitioning from a pre-contest diet to the off-season to make sure you recover optimally?

(47:50): What is the take home message?