Melina Magulas has Master of Sports Science from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences with specialization in exercise physiology and sports biomechanics. Her focused area of research as a part of a biomechanics group was on properties and training adaptations in the muscle-tendon unit system. Melina works in Oslo, Norway as an exercise physiologist and performance coach at Magnat Center, testing and training people ranging from the elite athlete to the patient. She also lectures at the Academy for Personal Training in Norway, and is responsible for endurance and physical activity and health.

In this podcast, Melina and I discuss concurrent training. Some of the things we discuss are:

(07:30) What is concurrent training?

(11:00) How does endurance training interfere with molecular signalling that is important to muscle hypertrophy?

(24:10): Is there differences in endurance exercises in regard to interference with resistance training?

(36:25): If you were to do both, how can you structure it to make it not interfere with each other?

(41:25): What is the take home message?