Powerlifting Coach
Brief info

Alexander Kirketeig has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and is a member of the Norwegian National Powerlifting Team. He has competed in more than 28 international championships from 1996-2017 and is a 10x times Norwegian champion, 4x Nordic Champion, 3x Western European Cup champion and has also 2 silver and 2 bronze medals from The European Championship in Powerlifting. He has also held several Norwegian records in the squat, bench press and total. Alexander has been a member of the Norwegian Powerlifting federations board (2007-2015) and been responsible for education, research & development. He has also been project manager for the Norwegian powerlifting federation contributing on several studies on top-level powerlifters and strength athletes with Professor Truls Raastad at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Most famous is the “The Norwegian Frequency Project”. Of lately he has also contributed to the BFR studies on powerlifters. The last 10 years, coaching powerlifters has been a bigger and bigger part of his life and he is now a Regional Coach for the Norwegian Powerlifting Federation, coaching several national team members, from Junior to master’s lifters, both equipped and raw lifters. Alexander has mostly lifted in equipped lifting, but made the transition to raw lifting, and his last international competition, was the IPF Raw Worlds in 2017.